Sanden Intercool Technical Services offers a complete range of after sales services to buyers of our commercial refrigeration systems.

Our Technical Services employs specially trained service technicians who are available to respond throughout the country, carrying out emergency and pre-planned repairs.

Knowledge and expertise are key to cost efficient refrigeration repair and service. Our trained service personnel can help you effectively reduce refrigeration consumption and ensure the continued maintenance and operation of essential refrigeration systems.

The service programme includes:

  • Service and inspection visits conducted by time served craftsmen
  • Service agreements for periodic service and maintenance
  • On-line and on-site trouble-shooting
  • Technical Support
  • On site compressors inspections
  • Compressor exchange programmer
  • On-site education and training of operational staff.
  • Extensions and rebuilding of existing refrigeration systems
  • System optimization in order to reduce power consumption

Tailored Service Agreements

This ensures periodic inspections are carried out that have been proved to reduce unplanned breakdowns that can be costly to production output. As part of our service agreements include preparation of a service review report containing a detailed description of environmental management, P.M. Performance, Contract Performance and Health & Safety.

Technical support from Sanden Intercool means that the customers have the back up and support from a service organisation with the determination and skill to solve and prevent refrigeration problems.

Our refrigeration’s extensive service and maintenance programme employed properly leads to the following benefits for the customer.

  • Preventing expensive and unnecessary operation break-downs
  • Cutting operating costs and increasing profits through efficient operation
  • Revealing minor malfunctions before they develop into major problems
  • An up-dated refrigeration system and optimized operational routines
  • Extension of the system lifetime

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