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Any business that relies on refrigeration knows how important it is to have units functioning at their best. In the service and restaurant industry, refrigerators, freezers and ice machines are vital to any business staying successful and providing their customers with tasty food, beverages, and more. Whether you own a restaurant, grocery store, tavern, bar, or a neighborhood deli, Sanden Intercool has everything for your commercial kitchen repair needs.

Our professional team is well versed in our entire range of units and always strives for the best possible service for our customers. We look forward to serving you.

We provide Commercial Stainless-Steel Refrigeration, Dometic Hotel Systems and Electrolux Professional solutions to meet your every type of requirement, helping you achieve your goals for durability, performance, and energy efficiency. We make sure you aren’t forced to choose between quality and cost to enjoy long-term satisfaction, and let you take advantage of cutting-edge advancements in systems, accessories, and upkeep. From complete installation, to service and repair, our licensed technicians work to reduce running costs, ensure safety, and deliver reliable operation. Our commitment to sustainable solutions is matched by our dedication to superior customer service. We take a personal approach that ensures all projects are customized to specific circumstances, handled professionally, and completed promptly.

Now that you’ve made your investment in our vending products, you’ll enjoy continual access to our ongoing customer support. We’re committed to providing you with information and materials specific to our vending systems.

Here at Sanden Intercool, we know that our customers have many different types of vending units, and our support staff and technicians are well versed in a wide range of unit types and models. Our expertise helps us quickly diagnose any problem that arises so we can get your vending equipment back functioning as quickly as possible at the most cost-effective rate.

We aim to create long-lasting relationships with our customers so we know your needs faster and can help mitigate any troubles that come. A happy customer is a repeat customer and we always strive to provide the best possible customer service. We take pride in helping businesses in outdoor vending thrive and succeed. We look forward to serving you today.

Our team of dedicated technicians and staff rely on efficiency and professionalism to get the job done right and quickly. With competitive rates, we are able to provide service to a wide range of customers in outdoor vending. If you think your outdoor vending unit is not working properly, don’t hesitate and give us a call today for immediate, top-level service and support.

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We conduct our business in an honest, dependable and fair. Our reputation and our quality of work we deliver is extremely important to us.
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Our company comprises of a diverse aggregate of people with different personalities, nationalities, expertise and talents that form one enterprise around our core values.

<strong>Employees </strong> Employees We have a diverse group of employees spread out across the globe
Employees Employees We have a diverse group of employees spread out across the globe
<strong>Nationalities</strong> We have a representation from 20 nationalities.
Nationalities We have a representation from 20 nationalities.
<strong>Countries</strong> We are located in 14 countries.
Countries We are located in 14 countries.
<strong>Enterprise</strong> We are one enterprise.
Enterprise We are one enterprise.