Welcome to Sanden Intercool (Kenya) Ltd.

Company Overview

Sanden Intercool (Kenya) Ltd. was established in May 2003 as a subsidiary company of Sanden Intercool (Thailand) Public Company Limited.

Sanden Intercool (Kenya) Ltd brand is well recognized by beverage industries worldwide as one of the leading brands of Commercial Refrigerated Showcase, offering a full range of Glass Door Merchandisers, Freezer Showcases and Open Front Showcases. Sanden Intercool (Kenya) Ltd is also a leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel commercial Refrigerators and Freezers.


Showroom and Sales Office

9th Floor, Crescent Business Centre,
28 The Crescent Road,
Off Parklands Road
Nairobi, Kenya

Spareparts Support, Warehousing Services, Technical Support, Technical Training Centre, Customer Service, Country Wide Technical Support.

Godown No 10 and 11,Kenbelt Industrial Park,
Old Mombasa Road, Nairobi Kenya


Sanden Intercool (Kenya) Ltd. is responsible for the following countries in East,  Central Africa, North and West Africa not forgetting the Indian Ocean Islands:

Associate Offices in Africa

  • Sanden Intercool (Egypt) S.A.E. – Factory & Sales office for North Africa
  • Sanden Intercool Nigeria (Lagos, Nigeria) – Sales office for Nigeria
  • Sanden Intercool Africa (South Africa) – Sales office for South Africa